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True-to-life Portrait from Photo of Good Parents

Considerable discussions have been told about the character of a family. But essentially, a family is simply the primary part of a society. It may be the smallest but it serves a very important role in shaping the persons that comprise a civilization.

A household is comprised of parents and kids. In extended families, a family may embrace the grandparents as well as the future generations of kids and grandchildren. Regardless of the vastness, a family still serves as a combination of very famous persons that compose and build up a civilization and the country.

Good Parenting

It cannot be abnegated that parenting has constantly been similar to the nature of nurturing kids. Parenting is something most of us crave for at some part in our lives. This is normal since every parent wishes to up bring well-rounded and brave kids.

Essentially, good parenting lies in the four Ps Positive attitude, Perseverance, Patience or Forbearance, and Prayer.

Positive Philosophy

Contrary to what most parents are saying, PARENTING is actually an endowment. Being a parent is truly difficult but it is to be treasured and loved.

Parenting is about caring and giving, and waiting for nothing in return. While having children may is something that comes easily, being a good parent is a much more complicated portrait.


As parents you are always acquiring knowledge and educating. You know how to deal with the needs of our kids. You educate and convey good morals to our kids. But the foremost goal is constantly THE BEST for your kids.

Patience or Forbearance

Deal with the temperamental little heads. The turbulent teenage years are moments when our patience and persistence is put to the ultimate trial. The going is hard and it is all worth it.


The BEST may not always be within our capacity. Books, degrees and numerous ideas do not really render much help. But do your BEST and leave GOD with the rest. Also, recall that a household that prays together stays together.

Nurturing Kids of Character

Here are some basic and famous tips in child-rearing:

Quality Time

Doing things together as a family is more than a bunch of toys or a huge allotment. This is one crowning portrait of renewing bonds and ties within the family. So, plan about the time your children spend with you. Plan how you can join into the life of your children and them to yours. Here is some good advice:

Activities with Fathers. The fathers are known to be the provider in the family. Your personality may be the Chairman of a company or the portrait from photo of a CEO in an organization, but above anything else, you are a FATHER.

As a dad, how alive is your connection in parenting? Tickling your kids while taking care of the financial matters is not enough. Take your kids for fun activities. Plan weekend outings, picnics and vacations. Let your children experience different places and new heritage. Let them see new faces, too. Eating out, movies, and sight-seeing are just as nice for them to bond with their distant relatives, as it is to spend time with you.

Activities with Mommies. Shopping is the best-loved hobby of most mothers because they are in charged with the buying of the things in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in all places of the house.

Leaving children at home when you run your errands is not always an option. Children would constantly desire to go with you. At this point, do not forget the enjoyment of marketing.

Basic rule is to turn away from jam-packed shopping malls. Children tend to become irritable in these places. Get your child involved in the shopping activity by giving him/her a bit of the list. He could count out the money as you check out the items. Moreover, boost him to total the bill. You may not want to get him everything he asks for, but you can justify why you think something is not important. Do not forget to reward your child for his/her help. Even a ten-minute ice-cream break can help energized them up.

For working parents. You can keep yourself informed about the status of your kid although you are in the office. A phone call before going to the appointment or a visit in the academe or a reminder to participate in the community gathering, and a close look on the progress card, can work wonders.

It is therefore famous that you come up for portrait from photo activities with your kids. But of course you ought not to limit your kids from going out with distant relatives - that is not desirable.

Develop an alive and Vigilant Eye and Ears for Your Kids

Be a good model. As parents, you must influence your children by being good examples to them. Children cannot build a right conduct unless people around them use the pleasant, correct words of right and wrong. The basic gist here is to educate your kids build a solid foundation of morally upright character.

Get deeply involved. The greatest thing that parents can do for their children is to give quality aside to talk. You may talk about hard school subjects, recent problems, and others. This will absolutely discard any space or confusions that might occur in the future. Appreciate your kids too for their valuable efforts at school or in their organization. A simple congratulations will absolutely encourage their self esteem.

Do not just confine your being a parent to words alone. Try to give your children opportunities for them to build habits of sense of justice, generosity and honesty.

Do not tell lies to your child. Always be credible and consistent.

Get innovative too! When in an office, get your children absorbed with some art activity using colored paper, simple paper, and some coloring materials. In a house of your friend, you may want to let your children make portraits of people. Of course at home, you can do a lot of innovative activities. You may select for a more educational activity of teaching your children how to spell to a more fun activity of making a collage to be framed and hung on the walls of your house.

To be able to act as a model family, parents must be able to carry on their roles as responsible parents. Children, on the other hand, must be obedient and good children to their parents. If done correctly, the whole thing shall produce responsible and law-abiding citizens of the society.

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