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We are so very thankful for the blessings we have received personally and professionally. As a token of our appreciation, we want to use the proceeds of this website to do something to give back to the community, that can help make a difference in the lives of some of the less fortunate. ALL of our profits, (after expenses and taxes), will be donated to the ACCESS Ministry which is building a respite center that will provide a nurturing environment for children with disabilities at (our local) "McLean Bible Church" located in Northern Virginia. We feel that everybody needs a crusade. This is ours. It's so easy to think, "How can I as an individual make a difference?" Well, working together we can. This is a very worthy cause and I hope that over time, we can make a difference.

ACCESS Ministry, strives to help meet the needs of families in the Washington DC Metro area who have children with disabilities. As a result of a vision by the church's pastor, Lon Solomon who has a handicapped daughter brought on by a severe case of epilepsy, a full-scale therapy and respite care center (named "Jill's House" after her) is being built on the church's property to help meet those needs and is available for use by the whole surrounding community. An artist's drawing of the center can be seen at the top right of this screen.

The goal of the center is to provide quality care and therapy for those children while their parents are able to spend time together as a couple, and also with their other children. The center will provide overnight respite care to children with special needs in the metro DC area during the week, or for extended stays over the weekend. During the child's stay they will also receive therapy relevant to their needs, plus other auxiliary services such as a visit to the center's hair salon or dental clinic. The center will also provide before and after school care for children with special needs and their siblings that have working parents, and a "Me & My Mommy" program for infants and preschoolers to get an early start on reaching their developmental milestones.

By providing parents with this type of holistic approach to respite and support for the family while providing a nurturing environment for their children, it will allow them to experience the true joys of raising their extraordinary child that was given to them as a gift from God. Our prayer is that our Church family and our customers would get excited about this one-of-a-kind center. We hope it will become a model for the churches and communities across the nation because there's nothing quite like it in the whole United States. Providing care for these children is the very heartbeat of God himself and we consider it a privilege to be God's partner in this ministry.

The Center's proposed features include:

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