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Make Your Own Postage Stamps For Your Wedding Invitations

USPS often comes out with beautiful “love” or “wedding” themed stamps that many people include on their wedding invitations. However, there are those who want the stamp to tell about their character.  For example, I know this couple who loved fishing, so they used the fish stamp series that had come out. That was quite the site. Here arrives this beautiful fancy wedding invitation with a trout stamp on it. It certainly caught my attention.  Although choosing the stamp is probably the last of every couple’s worries, it can be fun to take that extra step to show your character.

Well now days you can really get creative and make your own legitimate stamps to put on your wedding invitations, using your own photos. is a perfect example of a service that offers this. They make it unbelievably easy and walk you through the step by step process.

This a great option for those who had some great engagement photos but could only choose one.  This would give you the opportunity to throw in that second picture. You can even make this one a candid picture.

If you do this, you need to make sure the company is an approved licensed vendor and authorized by the US Postal Service, like is. Otherwise you could end up with bogus stamps.

There’s no wedding etiquette rule about it, so have some fun.

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