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The Wedding Etiquette Impaired - Clueless or Just Plain Rude?

In continuation from Mondays wedding etiquette blog, today I am excited to share more stories of the “wedding etiquette impaired”, that I found in an MSN article. His section of the article left me scratching my head and thinking “are they completely clueless or just plain rude? I admit, I’ve done some clueless things in the past that I look back I think “oh my gosh, what was I thinking?” But these…well…I don’t think what I did was this bad. These definitely take the prize.

“I had guests who did not like the dinner choices — they wrote on their response card that they wanted a meal that followed their macrobiotic diet. When my mother-in-law told them this wasn’t possible, they phoned the reception hall to ask them!”
– Anne, Livingston, NJ

“A close friend of my husband’s mother has a very small dog, and a few weeks before the wedding she informed my hubby’s mom that she was planning to bring the dog to the wedding! Fortunately, my husband’s mom informed her that the dog was not invited, and it all worked out.”
– Lindsey, Huntington, NY

“My friend showed up to our adults-only reception with her boyfriend, as well as her 2-year-old son. The child screamed throughout the entire ceremony — my own mother had to take him from the room, and my friend actually stayed to watch the ceremony! He was a terror at the reception, and eventually she decided to leave, telling us that the child was tired and that his dinner should be packaged to go, and he would like a slice of cake as well (we hadn’t even cut it yet).”
– Mary, Virginia Beach, VA

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