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Archive for April, 2008

Zombies Congratulate Newlyweds

In past wedding etiquette blogs we’ve talked about uninvited wedding guests, but we’ve never talked about this kind of uninvited guest…Zombies!
Yes, you read that correctly. Last summer San Diego hosted their first ever zombie walk, which included many fun loving individuals that are also known for their community service.  The walk happened to pass through […]

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The Wedding Etiquette Impaired - Clueless or Just Plain Rude?

In continuation from Mondays wedding etiquette blog, today I am excited to share more stories of the “wedding etiquette impaired”, that I found in an MSN article. His section of the article left me scratching my head and thinking “are they completely clueless or just plain rude? I admit, I’ve done some clueless things in […]

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