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Archive for February, 2007

Wedding Invitations and accessories - What you need when and why it’s proper-#1

Engagement Announcements

Over the next dozen blog entries, I wll discuss the different elements of your wedding invitation ensemble and accessory items  -  what you need, when and why. First of all there are the:Engagement Announcements - When you need them - Becasue of school, military service or other plans, your wedding date may be far in […]

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Whether you are wed or not, honor your special someone today

It's Valentine's Day, so honor your significant other in a special way

Are you creative when it comes to being romantic?  Most of us aren’t. This is the traditional day in which lovers express their love for each other with cards, and candy and/or flowers, and a special meal.
It’s certainly a great day for the retail industry not to mention the postal service. According to Wikepedia, […]

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What to do after your wedding

After your Wedding

You’ve done it! You’re married! All your hard work and
preparation has been worth it all. I hope that your day was glorious!

Now just enjoy your
Contact a Flower Preservation
Vendor to preserve your Bouquet.
Contact a Gown Preservation
Vendor to hand clean, press and […]

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