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Archive for October, 2006

Planning your wedding from the beginning (Part 2)

Wedding planning from 6-12 months out

During these preliminary months there are at least 8 more
things to try to get accomplished and they are as follows:

Interview caterers, florists,
photographers, videographers, musicians, etc. Be sure to taste food
options, see the work of florists, photographers and videographers. Listen
to or […]

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Planning your wedding from 6-12 months out

How to plan your wedding from the very beginning

Over the next several weeks we will discuss all the various tasks associated with planning your wedding pretty much the A-Z variety of
elements that are important to consider. The next couple of posts will list
things you should try to accomplish during the first 6-12 months.

After announcing your
engagement you will need […]

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Responsibilites of a wedding coordinator-Part 4 of 4

What to expect from your wedding coordinator

Having an extra pair of hands on your wedding day can be
priceless - especially experienced hands. Your wedding coordinator will know
how to orchestrate a schedule that will ensure a smooth-running event. Just some
of the duties your wedding consultant will do are to take care of such detail
as coordinating and overseeing vendors, supervising and curing the wedding
party […]

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Duties of a wedding coordinator-Part 3 of 4

Duties of a wedding coordinator-Part 3 of 4

If you should decide that you want to hire a wedding
coordinator, be sure to get references first. Your best bet is to go with
someone a friend has used and been happy with. When looking for a wedding
planner, you can research them by checking with local business organizations or
associations. A couple of important criteria to be […]

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What should you expect from a wedding coordinator?

Wedding coordinator - should you have one?

The function of a wedding coordinator is to give you and
your family members peace of mind and help you handle all the details of your wedding
and reception. Some wedding coordinators charge a certain percentage of
the spending budget. Some charge by the hour and some a simply paid a flat
They tend to be rather expensive, but […]

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Are you too busy to plan your wedding all by yourself?

What to do if you are too busy or unable to plan your wedding by yourself

If you are a "do it yourselfer" and are on a tight
budget, you can follow our Free Bride’s guide with the help of your family and
friends be able to plan your wedding ceremony and reception without the help of
a wedding coordinator. All the tools you’ll need are found within this guide.
However, if you have […]

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More on our Free Brides’ Planning Guide and how it can help you plan your wedding

Tips in our Free Bride's organizer to help you plan your wedding

The ideas presented in our free brides planning guide will
help you and your fiancé create a wedding that caters to your dreams and
wishes. You have unlimited choices from a small garden type of wedding to a large
traditional ceremony or anything in-between. Will it be grand and glorious, or
a small, intimate private ceremony? You have many […]

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Planning your wedding - Beyond your wedding invitations

Wedding planning guidance

As a bride to be, there is a lot of excitement ahead for you
and your fiancé as you plan your wedding day. You probably have been planning this event in your head for a
long time. Now you are faced with the undaunting task of putting it all
together, from the sending of your wedding invitations all […]

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