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Archive for June, 2006

Q&A regarding the wedding rehersal dinner

Who puts on the rehersal dinner and who is invited?

Who’s responsible for the Rehersal Dinner?
The wedding rehearsal dinner takes place the night before the wedding,
after the rehearsal and is traditionally hosted by the groom’s family.
They also issue the invitations, the wording of which can be formal or
informal. A lot depends on the family and just how formal they want to
be addressed. The invitations […]

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Bridal Shower Tips

Etiquette surrounding Bridal Showers

Who should throw a bridal shower for the bride? Can my mother or sister sponser it?

Bridal showers are hosted generally by the bride’s maid of honor or
other close friend or friends. The invitations for these are usually
informal. Many bridal showers have gift themes, such as kitchen,
linens, lingerie.
It would be inappropriate for a family member to […]

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Who should receive “Thank You” notes after your wedding.

The truth about writing "Thank You" notes following your wedding.

To whom should I write thank you notes and what should I say? I’m really not very good with words.
Of course anyone who sent you a wedding gift, even a family member deserves
a thank you note and don’t forget the people who helped you in any way
with your wedding ceremony, reception, etc.
Receiving cards and […]

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All about ordering “Thank You” notes with your wedding invitations

Tips about ordering "Thank You" notes along with your wedding invitations

Here are some of the questions we get about thank you notes:
Is it proper to have our return address printed on the back flap of our thank you notes?
The post office requires that a return address be present on any
outgoing mail. Having your return address printed on the back flap
certainly saves time from hand writing […]

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The right way to use monograms on wedding stationery

Tips on using monograms for your wedding stationery

When using stationery to thank your guests for your wedding gifts, and if you are thinking of having your thank you cards personalized
with a monogram instead of your name, the proper way to do that is to make the middle initial larger than
the rest and is to stand for your last name.
The first initial is […]

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Tips regarding “Thank You” Notes for your wedding gifts

The facts about "Thank you" notes regarding your wedding gifts

“Thank You” notes provide you the opportunity to express your
appreciation to those who were thoughtful enough to send you wedding
presents. Besides expressing your appreciation, these thank you notes
also let your recipient know that you did receive their gift and that
nothing happened to it in the mail. Your “thank yous” should be sent as
soon as possible […]

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Buy your informals when you buy your wedding invitations

The importance of informals and the role they play in your wedding

The term, “Informals” is actually an misnomer in that they are a
“formal” note – so much so that to keep it a “formal” note, only the
bride’s name is to be printed on the front (i.e.: Mrs. Stephen Sampson)
if the informal reads, “Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sampson it makes it more
of an informal note.
The thinking […]

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Include pew cards in your wedding invitations

What are pew cards and when are they necessary to include in wedding invitations

Not everyone will need pew cards but they are used when specific
pew have been assigned for some or all of the guests. They help the
ushers efficiently guide the guests to the assigned seating area. The
pew cards are one on the enclosures sent with the invitations and have
a space on the card which is filled in […]

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One more thing to include in your wedding invitations

Inclulde "At-Home Cards" in your wedding invitations

One way to alert family and friends to your new address is to include
at-home cards with your wedding invitation or announcement. Some couples also
include their new phone number if they know what that will be. Include
the date that you will be returning from your honey moon.
They will be
worded a bit differently if included in […]

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Include directions and/or map cards in your wedding invitations

All about directions and map cards in your wedding invitations

Directions and map cards are much appreciated especially by out of
town guests. The direction cards give simple but precise directions to
your wedding/reception while map cards generally feature major roads
with landmarks to help you guests find their way. Generally when
direction or map cards are used, the street address is not included on
the wedding invitations.
Direction cards and […]

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