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You Don't Need Hawaii for a Beach Wedding

Ah, Hawaii... where the people are friendly, natural beauty is as common as the air you breathe, and the best beaches in the world await the touch of your feet. But Hawaii's thousands of miles away, plane tickets are expensive, hotels are overpriced, and milk costs $8.00 a gallon. If you can swing the cost of getting married on a dramatic beach in Hawaii, then by all means do so. But if you'd rather save substantially on your dream beach wedding, we've got plenty of options that don't require Hawaii.

Aloha oi...

If you've got your heart set on informal beach wedding dresses, tall palms, and a forever view of the ocean, there's no reason to give all that up just because you can't afford the fare to Hawaii. Seventy-five percent of the world is water, and wherever the ocean meets the shore, there's a good chance there's a strip of sand to accommodate you and your party. While we wouldn't recommend most of the beaches in Jersey (though Sandy Hook is nice, if you can stand the nudists), remember that the USA is bordered by thousands of miles of beaches on the East, West, and Gulf Coasts. Great beaches may be as simple as a short car-ride away, offering a discount version of a beach wedding that, when combined with the wide selection of discount bridal gowns you can find on the Internet and elsewhere, offer great opportunities to really put the "honey" into your honeymoon by letting you spend more money on fun, and less on ceremony.

Tropical obsession

If you absolutely must leave the USA for a tropical locale, the Caribbean is a great choice. Imagine combining your marriage with your honeymoon on a long cruise though the world's most beautiful sea. For the ceremony itself you'll have the option of dozens of islands, large and small, as well as some parts of Mexico. In fact, one of the most striking beaches on the continent is right next to the Mayan city of Tulúm, just down the coast from the island of Cozumel. This tidy white sand beach lies in a narrow cleft between two high rock walls and, while it's less than a hundred yards wide, offers a perfect spot for your nuptial vows. The water is gentle and blue, and the view is forever.

Or how about Jamaica? This craggy island offers a variety of environments to enjoy, from the rocky heights of the Blue Mountains to the cheerful white-sand beaches. You can find everything you need for a quick wedding, from discount wedding dresses to cultured pearls, at astonishing prices. If you'd prefer a more prosperous Commonwealth country and don't mind unrelieved flatness, visit the Cayman Islands. This is more than just a banker's paradise: it's a thriving country with great beaches, wonderful scenery, and excellent scuba-diving opportunities. Be careful, though; you may go there for a beach wedding, but you may not want to leave. More than half the population is made up of ordinary folks than came to the islands to visit and never left.

If an ocean is out of the question, that doesn't mean you can't get married on a beach. Many large lakes and reservoirs have beaches just as sandy as those at the ocean, and some of those bodies of water are huge enough to be inland seas. It's your dream, so don't let it die -- just because you can't go to Hawaii doesn't mean you can't get married in the surf, with cool, wet sand under your feet!

Published with permission (FCDMInc)

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