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What is a good age to marry?

By: Jon Tan

What is a good age to marry? People vary a great deal in the ages at which they become mature. A few exceptional people might be ready for marriage in their teens.

Others are much too "young" at thirty. A good approach is to find out the average age when people actually do marry. In most developed countries, the age of most men today at the time of first marriage is about twenty-four. Their brides are slightly over twenty-one.

Contrary to popular opinion, people of today are not older, but younger at the time of marriage than they were fifty years ago. Having considered briefly the average ages at which people do marry, let us now consider the good age to marry.

Studies have indicated that teenage marriages are the least successful. They suggest that marriage in the early to middle twenties is desirable. These conclusions find substantial support from other sources. Child-bearing is easiest and safest in the early twenties, although modern science has made it increasingly safe for all ages.

A 50 years old and controversial report indicate that men reach their peak of sex desire well before twenty, so that the postponement of marriage places a strain upon those who observe the accepted moral standards.

Yet emotional maturity and economic competence take time to develop. And if marriage is to represent a complete fulfillment of the love relationship, emotionally as well as physically, the couple should wait for marriage until they are fully ready.

For most couples the best age for marriage seems to be from the early to the middle twenties. Remember, however, that you are not a statistic, or even two statistics. You are you. The question is not, "what is the good age to marry?" but "What is the best age for YOU to marry?".

The best way to decide is to look at what marriage success involves, and then try to see whether or not you have what it takes. The information found in may help you to decide.

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