Beautiful Wedding Invitaions

Wedding Invitation Themes

Wedding invitations today are available in numerous styles. Some are formal, some are casual, some are traditional and some are contemporary. There are all kinds of graphics, fonts and decorations available. The best type of invitation for your wedding will depend on its theme and level of formality, not to mention your personal taste.

If you are having a wedding with a specific theme, using invitations that match that theme will make everything more cohesive. Invitations to beach-themed weddings could feature seashells, sailboats, beach pictures or other beach-inspired items. Invitations to a Vegas wedding could have designs inspired by poker cards, casinos or Elvis.

Even if you aren't following a specific theme for your wedding ceremony, you can still incorporate a theme into your favors and invitations if you like. There's no rule saying that your whole wedding has to revolve around one idea if you don't want it to. The key is making sure that all elements that you choose to involve in the theme tie in together nicely.

Your wedding invitations should be similar in formality to the plans for your wedding ceremony. Guests will form expectations of your wedding based on the invitations they receive, so sticking to a certain level of formality will help avoid confusion. For less formal weddings, you may also choose to mention in the invitations what type of dress is expected at the wedding.

Wedding invitations can give your guests a glimpse of what your wedding will be like before it even happens. Keeping them consistent with what will take place at the ceremony and reception will ensure that your guests know what to expect. And it just makes everything seem well thought out and carefully planned.

Remember, your wedding invitations actually set the tone of your wedding. It is the first thing your guests will see representing your wedding and what is to come. Whether you realize it or not, you set the expectations based on the wedding invitations you select to send.

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