Beautiful Wedding Invitaions

Transportation on your Wedding Day

If you can afford it, the standard way that couples travel to their wedding and reception (if it is at a different location) is by limousine. Most rental agencies who rent limos also rent antique cars if that suites your better. A four or five hour rental will probably be all you need to get you to the wedding and then to the reception. It would be nice if you got one big enough to hold your whole wedding party but it is not necessary. Usually, at least the maid of honor and best man travel with the bride and groom. The others could follow in their own cars.

Depending on where all of this is taking place, a horse and buggy for the bride and groom might be a fun mode of transportation if it is available. Some couples have gotten real creative and managed to secure a fire engine, a rowboat, hot air balloon or even a helicopter. I’m sure they all had special connections. But it goes to show that creativity can provide any number of different memories.

Just be sure that if you are hiring a driver to transport you anywhere that you make sure that the company he represents has the proper licenses and insurance.

If the parking at your reception site is rather tight, it would be a nice gesture to provide valet parking for them. It will make them feel special and cared for and would be much appreciated especially during the colder climates.

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