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Planning Your Wedding Ceremony - Style

Theme Weddings
Once your have decided on what type of wedding you are going to have, the next step is to decide if you want to choose a particular style of wedding. Your wedding can be anything you want it to be. You can (and many brides do) pick a theme such as a fantasy (Cinderella type). It can center around a particular common interest or hobby the bride and groom share. You can pick a culture, a season, a holiday, a special place like Hawaii or the Caribbean. The advantages of a theme wedding are that it can help in planning the decorations, food and even the dress of the participants. There are many opportunities to express personalities and creativity. The disadvantage is that it requires a lot of planning and you may have some difficulty finding all the things you want and need to carry out your theme. Once you pick a theme you need to stick with it and use every opportunity to exploit it.

Destination Weddings
Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons. Some couples want to cut back on expenses and planning and don't mind if there wedding is very small (close friends and family who are willing to pay to get there). They pick where they want to honeymoon and many resorts will throw in the wedding and a cake/champagne reception as long as the couple stay at the resort. There are many affordable packages that that can be set up long-distance with a wedding /catering coordinator of a honeymoon resort. Packages, which can accommodate 2-10 people, offer the use of the location, an officiant, champagne, wedding cake, reception, flowers, musicians, and a suite for the wedding night.

Outdoor Weddings/Receptions
There is nothing like a seashore, garden, or lake side setting for a wedding and reception. It provides an unmatched beauty of nature as a backdrop; however the chance or rain, or heat wave could spoil an otherwise gorgeous setting. It goes without saying that a backup plan must exist, such as renting a tent. Tents provided for this type of occasion are so high tech that you can do anything in them - heat, air condition, cook, anything. You can get them small enough to seat 25 and large enough to seat thousands with any number in between. The cost may be a bit more than renting an indoor facility because everything has to be rented separately, but you get the atmosphere that money cannot buy.

Indoor Receptions
There are many options for indoor reception sites. On-site locations, such as a private home, rented hall at a hotel or club, or a restaurant are probably the most common choices. Historical sites are also often made available for wedding functions. Some locations, referred to as "on-site," provide most if not all the services you need, food and drink, staff, tables, linens and perhaps even the flowers, cake and music.

The upside is that you can buy a package deal to meet most if not all your needs. The disadvantage is that you lose the opportunity to plan the details yourself. You may even be penalized if you want to make some alternate plans, like provide your own wedding cake.

Off-site locations, which can be a private home, a historical setting or any other private function area, will not provide many extra services beyond the use of the location, so you will probably have to hire a caterer and you might even feel the need to hire a wedding coordinator to make sure that you have everything covered. The advantage is that you have the opportunity for your own creativity and decisions to prevail.

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