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Planning the Music for Your Wedding

The music really sets the tone for the wedding. Your choice in music determines the type of ceremony and reception that you are going to have. Usually in a church or temple wedding, sacred music is expected but it can be presented with an organ, piano, guitar, string quartet or any other type of ensemble or combination of the above. If you want to have some secular music played during the ceremony, you would need to clear that with the clergy to be sure that they would allow it. Talk with the musical director of the facility and let him/her know the atmosphere you would like to create and if you need help with selections, they probably can help you.

If you want to have a live band for your reception, be sure to listen to a CD of their music if you cannot have the opportunity to hear them perform somewhere live. Be sure that they can and will play the type of music you want played. It is a really good idea to get a list of songs that you definitely want and make sure that they know them. Usually musicians (or DJs if you go that route) give you a list of songs in their repertoire from which to choose. If you want something else that is not on the list, especially if it is for a special dance, just ask them if they can play it.

If you choose a DJ, be sure to select the songs you want and if you have any requests that are not on his list, he usually can get it for you if you give him plenty of time. The selection of music played should fit your taste so be sure you let him/them know your taste and maybe even tell him of the type you definitely don’t want included so you won’t be disappointed at his choices if he runs out of your selections. It’s your wedding so you should get exactly what you want. Just try to be clear so he/they know.

Whether you have a DJ or a live band, be sure to discuss ahead of time when you want the fist dance, the toasts, etc. because they are the ones to announce those. Give them instructions and I time frame so no one is caught off guard and there are no surprises.

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