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Personal Wedding Websites

The popularity of having your own Virtual Wedding Site has gone through the roof. Everyone actually seems to expect it these days.

After doing exhaustive research, we have found one which we would like to recommend to you.

Wedding Orchid

Personal Wedding Website

Wedding Orchid has a price structure that gives you a choice of posting your information for 12 or 24 months. Both offer a free trial and both have demos you can try to see how it works. You don't have to know anything to set this up as long as your can type.

Top 10 Reasons Every Wedding Needs a Website

  • Make the details and maps accessible 24/7 from all over the world
  • Introduce the new couple to guests with photos & stories.
  • Allow guests to RSVP online.
  • Link directly to gift registries online.
  • Provide Info for guests from out of town.
  • Share the big event with friends worldwide who couldn't make it.
  • Entertain guests with polls and quizzes.
  • Reduce stress level, by making everything available online.
  • Enjoy the Guestbook entries that guests will write.
  • It's a lot of Fun!