Beautiful Wedding Invitations

Our Guarantee to You, Our Client

incredible risk free guaranteeOur goal is to please you so much with our quality products, timely response, and friendly, professional customer service that we earn you as a customer for life. We are genuinely committed to outperforming our competitors. Therefore, we also back all of our cards and invitations with a 100% (totally risk-free) customer satisfaction guarantee. You simply cannot go wrong with any of our beautiful invitations, cards, or announcements! If you aren't completely thrilled with your invitations for any reason, we insist that you simply return them at our expense for a full refund. We won't even charge your credit card until we know you have received your cards and had an opportunity to see just how beautifully they turned out. We only ask that you call and let us know where we have gone wrong so we can attempt to make it right with you, and to know how we can possbily improve our product or service for others in the future.

We really are going out on a limb here. Obviously, printed invitations cannot be resold to anyone else, so any returned orders have to be discarded and are a total loss for us. We hope that by giving you this kind of guarantee, you can see that we have complete confidence in our manufacturers, the quality of their products and their work. As the #2 ranked national dealer for our national supplier, our orders are carefully scrutinized before and after printing, so we have complete confidence in their outcome.

Please call us immediately if anything does go wrong with your order, so we can make it right and not hold you up too much getting your invitations out! You can always contact me personally by our toll free number (1-800-214-8990) or by email. If I am unavailable at the moment, I guarantee you that I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Debby Sibert, President
Beautiful Wedding Invitations/Design Crafters