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If Scuba Diving is Your Favorite Sport,
Why Not Opt for an Underwater Wedding?

Are you and your bride/groom avid scuba divers? Do you want to do something really radical for your wedding? Were you thinking about a destination wedding to a tropical location anyway? Well, if you are looking for truly an experience that will be uniquely yours, you might consider an underwater wedding. There are actually a number of business ready and waiting to help you tie the knot at sea. Getting married underwater is a romantic and unique way to start your married life together.

Scuba weddings are safe, fun and exciting, not to mention different. Should you decide to take the plunge, literally, your underwater marriage will be uniquely yours. The sea will embrace you both. There are no distractions underwater, under the waves. It is so quiet that you can only hear each other breathe and the beating of your own hearts, that is until the Civil Marriage celebrant starts to ask you your vows through the special mask you must wear to be able to hear and reply on cue. The silence embraces both of you and the majesty of the marine life world of beautiful fish, turtles, eels, and maybe even dolphins become a witness to your commitment to one another.

Underwater weddings are legal as long as the traditional vows are exchanged. There are two different ways to accomplish this. The best way is, as mentioned above, when heard and responded to audibly through your special gear. You may have witnesses share your underwater experience with the special head gear so that they can hear the exchange of vows. If you have others who are not certified divers, who want to share in your special experience, they can usually hear everything from above in the boat anchored at your wedding spot equipped with special speakers.

Legally you need two witnesses. They can be above or in the water with you. Another way to exchange vows is to prepare slates with all the proper wording ahead of time and take them down with you to read silently. The first option definitely is the better option if they provide it, but would of course a bit more expensive due to the extra gear.

Once the underwater ceremony is completed, no matter which way the vows are exchanged, you as a couple sign the registers on land at which time you will receive a marriage certificate. This is the same legal, binding document that is issued to all couples who are married, no matter what the location or means or exchanging vows.

The organizations that offer these exotic weddings are sure to find a very picturesque shallow reef at which to perform your ceremony - a spot that would be conducive to some great underwater photographs. I'm sure that for a price, they will provide an underwater photographer and/or videographer if want one. This is a big, all inclusive business. Most are willing to take you wherever you want to go, as long as it is considered save for all involved. So, if scuba diving is your favorite sport and you want to be different and create a unique lifetime memory, maybe an underwater wedding is the perfect choice for you.

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