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  • Many assume that Celtic jewelry is only for the Irish or those with an Irish background, but when you see a Celtic wedding ring or Celtic engagement ring you'll realize that it is lovely jewelry. The significance and history behind Celtic Trinity knots and the legend of the Claddagh only enhance it's elegance. Information on Celtic cross necklaces.

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  • Need a bit of help in locating the perfect engagement ring for your future partner? Should you want to buy a diamond engagement ring you should enlighten yourself by using the world-wide rules that traditional diamonds are judged by. The standards are cut, clarity, carat and color. You also must acquire the measurement of your ring finger checked to assure that your betrothal rings will be sized for each other precisely. The best procedure to discover your ring size is to go to your local diamond ring salesmen and request that they properly measure what size band you should buy. If this plan would not be an option you can simply determine the size of your ring finger with a piece of string and a measuring stick.

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