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  • How long will it take to get my wedding invitations once I order them?

    If your wedding date is within eight weeks, and if there are no questions regarding yoru order, we should be able to get them in the mail the next business day. If your wedding is scheduled after that it usually take a day or two longer. If you are requesting a proof, of course that will add another day or two to your order.

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  • I am quite nervous about this since I have never done this before. How can I be sure that I'm not leaving out something important or making a big mistake?

    First of all, please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns you may have. We have done hundreds of these over the years and are here to help you. Second of all, your order goes through at least two proofing processes before anything is printed. First of all we carefully look over every order when it comes in for accuracy: spelling, grammer, and check to be sure that no pertinent informationis left out. We will contact you if we have any questions or recommendations. Once we have checked you order out thoroughly on our end, we send it to the editing department where your invitations will be printed. They proof it there as well and call us if they have any questions or recommendatons which we then pass on to you.

    As one of the top national dealers (in volume) for our national supplier, we enjoy the privilege of special treatment and oversite of all our orders.

    With all this screening, you can rest assured that you finished product is something you will be very proud of.

    If there is a mistake or problem of any kind, we will do them over for you by the next business day. Now do you feel better? :)

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  • What shipping method do you use?

    By default we use UPS. You get to choose which method you prefer. We offer anything from ground to overnight shipping. Upon request, we can also ship FedEX, however they pick up rather early in the day and sometimes orders are not ready until later in the day which would delay your order by a day going out.

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  • Do you accept international orders?

    Yes, to most places, if you pay by credit card but we will have to determine the cost after we receive your order so we know your shipping address and the weight of all the items you need. We will not process anything until you have selecte and approved the shipping method and cost. When shipping overseas, we usually ship UPS with a couple of choices or global express. You, the customer are responsible for any customs, taxes or brokerage fees.

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  • Do you Ship to Canada?

    Yes with the same answer above.

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  • You have so many lovely wedding invitations on your site. Can you send me a catalogue so I can show them to my fiance and mother?

    Unfortunately because we offer so many wedding invitations, our supplier has not provided us with a paper catalogue. It would be just too cost prohibative. We can offer you samples however of the actual invitatons. That gives you an opportunity to see and hold it up close and personal. You can use our sample form that was created for this. We will get them in the mail to your by way of USPS 1st class mail by the next business day.

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  • I found a wedding invitation that I really like, Is there any way I can get a sample of it before I order?

    Yes indeed, please see the answer above for instructions on how to get your sample.

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  • Can I see a proof of my wedding invitation before I order?

    Yes, you actually have several options. First of all on our site we have provided a way for you to see a virtual proof in real time of your invitation. You will see the design style that you have chosen and on it you will see the text you have created in the font and ink color that you have chosen. That way you can experiment with several different fonts and ink colors if you like, before you make your final decision.

    You also can request a black and white fax or email proof of any item for $7.50 each or a color printed press proof (the actual item printed and mailed to you) for $25.00. Since you get to see the virtual online proof for free, I really don't believe that it is necessary to pay for one, but it is certainly possible if it makes you feel more comfortable before finalizing your order. It does take a couple more days to process your order if we have to prepare a proof. Once approve it, your order will be printed and shipped the next business day.

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  • What type of payment methods do you accept?

    We accept MasterCard, Visa, Amex and Discover as well as personal checks from a US Bank.

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  • I'm a bit hesitant to order online. Is your website secure?

    You bet, we use a secure order form using SSL encryption for credit card entry, and purge that information as soon as we retrieve it. Once your select an invitation you are taken to our secure server. You can tell that your order is being directed to a secure server because up in the address bar where is says, "http://..." it changes to https://...The "s" means secure. Also there is a small, yellow padlock that shows up down in the bottom right of that screen that is locked. If it was open, it would mean that it was not secure. More

    Our site is also protected by "Macafee Secure." Which bought out "Hackersafe" They scan our site daily looking for any vulnerabilities and we get a report if anything is found that needs attention. If you still feel uncomfortable about putting your credit card information online, you have the option of calling that information in to one of our customer service representatives. We don't mind at all.

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  • It says in your guarantee that you don't charge our credit card until we have received our cards. Is that true and why is that? And if that is true, why do you need my credit card information up front?

    Yes is it true, that we want to be sure that you are totally satisfied with your invitations before we charge you for them. We are confident that you will be more than pleased. It's rare but occasionally something might go wrong with your order and we want to be sure that feel that we have given you the best service possible even if it means redoing somenting for you. We want you to feel that we have been completely fair and that we are taking care of you.

    The reason we like to get the payment information up front is that #1 it is easier for you just to take care of that all at once, and sometimes we have found it difficult to get hold of our clients after the fact to get the information. Sometimes with spam filters and all, emails are lost and with busy schedules, we often get voicemail when we call. It's just much easier this way. As you might understand, we also like to authorize a credit card ahead of time just to make sure that it is valid and that we have all the correct information. We do this for our own protection.

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  • What is your return policy?

    I think I will refer you to our guarantee page. That explains it in great detail.