Beautiful Wedding Invitaions

Beach and Tropical Wedding Invitations
for Destination Weddings

Beach wedding invitations are becoming increasingly popular. This is due in part to the frequency of beach and destination weddings. But even if your wedding is not on the beach, you can still use beach-themed invitations.

Beach wedding invitations incorporate elements of the beach into the design, and sometimes even into the wording of the invitation. Seashells are a popular element for beach wedding invitations. They are versatile enough to be used on a formal or informal invitation. Serene beach scenes can be used on the more formal ones. Elements such as palm trees, surfboards and sailboats are generally reserved for less formal wedding invitations.

A beach theme adds a nice touch to your wedding invitations if your wedding is being held on a beach. Less formal invitations can include a photo or drawing of the beach you will be getting married on. This shows your guests what they can look forward to if they attend.

Beach-themed weddings that are not held on the beach give a wedding a fun atmosphere. You can incorporate beach-themed decorations and wedding favors in many ways. The bride and groom can even dress in beach wedding-appropriate attire if so desired. Beach wedding invitations fit in well with this type of wedding.

Wedding invitations with a beach theme can be formal or informal, but they always include an element of fun. Whether you are getting married on the beach or just love to go there, a beach theme can add a personal touch to your invitations.

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