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So you're engaged! Congratulations! Surely you are in the midst of celebrating with your family and friends, as you picture a life of marital bliss. Now the next step is planning your wedding. There are so many things to think about and to plan, but it doesn't have to be stressful. Many brides let themselves get in that state but it is not necessary.

You probably want to plan a perfect wedding but what is a perfect wedding? That word has as many definitions as there are brides. Beauty and perfection are in the eye of the beholder. Every bride has her own idea of what a perfect wedding entails but there are some basic tenets need to be observed and kept in the forefront of every bride as she plans her wedding. Here in an inconclusive but somewhat exhaustive list to consider when starting your wedding planning:

  • Let consideration be your guide. Make decisions based on preserving and enhancing the most important relationships in your lives.
  • Give thought and consideration to the kind of occasion that you, your family, and friends will fee comfortable with.
  • Forgo a tradition if you think it has a possibility of causing a family rift. Or … perhaps even try to include a tradition if you know that it means a lot to someone important to you.
  • Be sure to rely on tact and sensitivity when involving others - even stepparents and extended family members.
  • Be sure to be considerate of the needs of any elderly or infirmed guest. And…find ways to give children special roles if they can are included.
  • Try to anticipate any potential problems and take steps to avoid any that might lead to discord.

The same attention and care should apply to your relationships with your suppliers whether they be the caterers and musicians who will be serving at an elaborate event, or the florist and stationer who satisfy the need of a smaller informal wedding.

How you handle your wedding planning can be a foretelling of how you will handle the other major decisions of your life together. This is a time to develop a way of reaching accord with each other in the future. Just remember that along with the stress that can accompany both the big decisions and little details, there should be a sense of adventure and fun. During this wedding planning process, you are celebrating one of the most joyous milestones in your lives.

Some things to keep in mind during all your wedding planning: You and your fiancé are a twosome. You need to be a solid, united front - a team and most of all each other's support as you will surely receive a barrage of unsolicited wedding advice from well meaning family and friends. As well as it is meant, it can be confusing and tiresome. In this process of wedding planning, keep in mind the three C': Consideration, Communication, and Compromise. Delegate Duties when you can, stay organized and stay calm.

A few more important tips as you continue your wedding planning:

1. Be sure to include rather than exclude. - Even if you are doing everything yourselves, be sure to keep others like your mother, children or friends in the loop. Don't let them feel left out. You see yourself as adding to your family but they may be feeling like they are losing you. Give them extra attention and ask their advice periodically.

2. Be forgiving. If things get a bit touchy between you and your family, be the first to apologize. Who cares who is at fault? Try to keep peace at all costs.

3. Stop reacting. If someone is being difficult, take a deep breath and try to think about what could make someone be so difficult. Try to be understanding and empathize rather than become defensive.

As you go through this process of wedding planning, you may find yourself being weary at times. Take care of your relationship with your fiancé. Take time to enjoy each other. Don't let all this wedding planning and the inevitable stress it will bring keep you from savoring the special time together as a couple. Immerse yourselves in the fun and happiness your engagement brings.

Take care of yourselves:
  • Eat right - you need the energy
  • Exercise - you need the release
  • Get enough sleep - you can cope much better when rested
  • Go on dates - the two of you need time alone together
  • Find beauty in everything - and where you can't, find humor

This is just a short list of things to consider as you begin you begin to plan your wedding. For a complete wedding planning guide with a weekly check-off list of action items download our Free Bride's Wedding Planning Manual. Happy wedding planning!

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