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Wedding Invitation Wording

The wording of a wedding invitation is a major concern for those sending them, particularly when the invitations are formal. While wording conventions are not as important as they once were, many choose to use them properly. Here are some rules for wedding invitation wording:

  • The invitation should start out with the names of those hosting the wedding. If you are following wedding traditions strictly, this will be the parents of the bride. But it could be the groom's parents, the couple themselves, or any combination thereof. If the couple is one of the hosts, their full names can be included with the addition of "and their parents."
  • The hosts will request the "honour of the guest's presence" or the "pleasure of the guest's company." The former is traditionally used when the wedding is held in a place of worship, and the latter when held anywhere else. You may notice that we used the "English" form of the word honor. That is considered the formal way of spelling the word honor. If you are uncomfortable with the formal spelling, it is okay to spell honor the American way. Just be sure that you are consistent with using the word favor/favour. If you use honor, use favor - if honour, then use favour when requesting "The favour of a reply is requested."
  • The guest's presence should be requested at "their marriage", "the marriage of their children," or anything of a similar effect. This is one area where you can get a little creative.
  • The time and date of the ceremony should be stated. No numerals should be used. Everything should be spelled out fully, even the state and year.
  • The location should be stated. Again, no abbreviations, and zip codes are not to be included on the invitation.

These are the general rules of formal wedding invitation wording. Breaking with tradition is generally accepted, so don't worry if it's not absolutely perfect. The majority of people will not notice. The most important thing is that the invitation reads well and is accurate. If your printer has any questions or suggestions, he/she will notify you for your approval and input.

For much more information on wedding invitation wording, we have attempted to answer over 80 questions on a special page on our website entitled: "Wedding invitation wording - Your Complete Guide to Wedding Invitation Etiquette."

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