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Using Your Pet in Your Wedding Ceremony

Yes, it has been done and you could do it too. Would you like for your wedding ceremony to be different than any other wedding your family and friends have ever been to? Of course your wedding is going to be memorable no matter who (or what) is in your wedding because it is your special day and you will be putting forth a great effort to make it perfect. But do you want your wedding to be remembered in an extraordinary way?

David and Meghan did - out in Concord, New Hampshire. Mary had a golden retriever that she adored and took here everywhere with her whenever possible. She was her lifelong companion. Tilly adored Meghan as well. They really were an inseparable pair. It was hard not to like Tilly. She really was a sweet dog. David liked her a lot as well, even though there were times he felt like he had to share Meghan's affections with her.

Why not consider these questions individually, then share your thoughts with one another. My I recommend even if you have a winter wedding and you both are avid skiers, that a skiing honeymoon is not the best idea. Skiing will really wear you out and then you won’t have as much of a good time in the evening when you come in from the slopes because you will be so tired. Also, there is the outside chance that one of you could get hurt, even by another skier and that would really put a damper on your vacation!

It was Meghan's idea to include Tilly in the wedding. David wasn't enamored with the idea at first, but then agreed that it would certainly be a unique "take away" experience. The idea was that Tilly would walk down the isle with a basket in her mouth that would contain the wedding rings stitched to a pillow inside the basket. She would wear a lay of flowers around her neck and there would be matching flowers hanging out of the basket.

Brides, be sure to make your flight reservations in the name that is on your identification. If you have not had a chance to get that changed on your driver’s license or passport, prior to your wedding, then get your tickets in your maiden name so it will match.

Fortunately, Tilly was a very well trained dog and loved to perform for Meghan. Because of her devotion to Meghan, she performed many regular tricks even without the reward of a special treat, but when a treat was involved, she was especially attentive. For this trick though, David would have to give the command because he was up at the altar where the rings needed to be delivered and Meghan was still in the back of the church with her father, waiting to process.

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