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Planning Your Honeymoon

Honeymoon planning never seems to get the attention it should. It should never be an afterthought. You really should start planning the honeymoon about the same time you stat to plan your wedding. After doing a lot of research, it may take you awhile to come up with the perfect location. In order to get the best fares and to be sure you can get reservations the days you need them, you need to plan way ahead.

The wedding is an exciting event to plan and certainly a lot of fun to look forward to, but in reality it is a big party for all your family and friends to share in your celebration, but the honeymoon is for you. Give yourself the time you deserve to plan an extraordinary time together. It’s a time for you to relax and you will need it! It’s a time to reflect, but most of all, a time to enjoy each other.

Here are a few things you should think about:
How much can you afford to spend?
Do you have frequent flyer miles you can use?
Do you have hotel points you can use?

Tip: Try to use your credit card for most of your wedding expenses and accumulate miles to use toward your trip.

How much vacation leave to you have built up that you can take for this getaway?
A week to 10 days is the most common, but if you don’t have that much leave or can’t get away for that long at this time, at least take a long weekend and plan a longer trip a little later on when you both can get away.

Where do you want to go?
Some things to consider when planning were to go is:
What type of getaway are you looking for?
Do you want warm or cold climate?
Do you want to go to a new place where you have never been, or someplace familiar and/or close by?
Do you want to go to a resort where there will probably be other honeymooners you can socialize with, or would you rather be in a more secluded location where it will be just the two of you?
Do you want to be in the city were there are lot of things to see and do or would you rather be where a lot of athletic opportunities are available?

Why not consider these questions individually, then share your thoughts with one another. My I recommend even if you have a winter wedding and you both are avid skiers, that a skiing honeymoon is not the best idea. Skiing will really wear you out and then you won’t have as much of a good time in the evening when you come in from the slopes because you will be so tired. Also, there is the outside chance that one of you could get hurt, even by another skier and that would really put a damper on your vacation!

Even though you may want to book your own travel and reservations, it’s always a good idea to at least talk to a travel agent. They not only have some great inside information about some great places you may not know about, but they are familiar with all kinds of details that could help you and sometimes that have package deals that could actually same you some money. If you are going out of the country be sure that your passport is up to date. If it isn’t, you will need to allow plenty of time to take care of that ahead of time.

Brides, be sure to make your flight reservations in the name that is on your identification. If you have not had a chance to get that changed on your driver’s license or passport, prior to your wedding, then get your tickets in your maiden name so it will match.

You can never learn too much about the place you have chosen. Go to the library and get some travel books about your destination. You get a lot of valuable information online as well.

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