Beautiful Wedding Invitaions

Must Have Disaster Kit

If Murphy’s law is in full effect, and you can count on it – when nothing could go wrong, go wrong, go wrong on your wedding day– something goes wrong and you will be glad to know that you had packed a “Survival Kit.” All of the items listed below can be picked up in advance whenever you might see them on sale at the local drugstore. You may never need them and hope that you do not, but just in case... You’ll be glad you took the time to pull this together.
This is the short list. Maybe you can think of other things that should be included:

  • sewing kit
  • mints
  • Tums
  • extra stockings
  • clear nail polish (for runs in stockings)
  • hairspray
  • make up
  • tampons
  • hair brush
  • tissues
  • nail file
  • super glue
  • safety pins
  • band-aids
  • bottle of water>

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