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Getting your Body in Shape
for Those Wedding Pictures

As you approach your wedding day are you happy with your weight, your physique? Are you going to be happy with your photos and video? Is your face going to look fuller than you like? Are there going to be some rolls or bulges around the middle? I'm talking to the grooms as well as the brides here. If you are satisfied with your appearance, that's terrific. That's also unusual - thus the reason for this article. Most of us are never happy with our appearance in that we always wish we were a bit more trim and in better shape. Besides possibly being a bit concerned about the love handles that many men carry around, guys are usually more satisfied than we women with their bodies. For some reason, they are happy enough with themselves that they usually don't mind flaunting their naked bodies in front of us as if we were turned on visually looking at them as they are about looking at us women.

There are so many suggestions online and in the commercials that it is really confusing to know what really works and what is a waste of time and money. If you are like most folks you are probably short on both. First of all, it is pretty well known that most of the diet pills out there don't work, at least for most people. I wouldn't waste time or money on those and they can be unhealthy for you. There are all kinds of fad diets and they often will work for awhile especially while you continue on them. As soon as you go off, though, back come the pounds that you lost plus a few more. It just seems like a real roller coaster.

"Jenny Craig" seems to be one of those diets that really does work - while you're on it. At least it is balanced and is made up of good healthy, real food and they offer a good variety. The portions are small. That is one of the keys to its success. You can learn a lot while on the diet as to how to try to maintain your weight when you should reach your ideal weight and decide to discontinue. The counselors who work with you are good at giving you tips for eating out, etc. so you don't blow it. The way this diet works is that you buy the food directly from them and it is already prepared. You just have to mix it or heat it up. It certainly makes meals real simple which could also help you out during this really busy time.

You may wish to cut sodium and sodium rich foods from your diet. We tend to associate sodium and sodium rich foods with heart disease and stroke. Sodium also leads to water retention which can make love handles look even worse. Avoid processed foods and adding extra salt. Drinking water can also help you to lose those love handles. Water not only helps keep the body hydrated, it helps your body metabolize stored fat into energy and reduces your appetite.

You may consider reducing your alcohol intake as well. Alcohol doesn't perform the same function as water being that they are both liquid. Alcohol contains a lot of what is called empty calories which for men tend to get deposited around the middle area resulting in love handles. You do not need to cut alcohol out completely, just keep a tally of how much you drink and cut it back; just as you would if you were watching what you eat.

It's always a good idea to include exercise with any diet program. You don't necessarily lose that much weight with exercise, but it is extremely healthy to do so. Getting your metabolism going with some cardiovascular is great for your overall health and will help your body to naturally burn more calories than if you were sedentary. It's also good to do some weight training or floor exercises that help you tone your muscles. You may loose weight with a diet but still look flabby if you haven't done anything to tone up your muscles. If you have too much flesh around your stomach you need to strengthen your abs. This is beneficial for both men and women as stronger abs lead to fewer lower back problems. When you strengthen one you strengthen the other. Some simple exercises to lose those love handles are sit ups and stomach crunches.

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