Beautiful Wedding Invitaions

How to Carefully Choose a
Photographer and Videographer for Your Wedding

Your wedding is a one time event and there are no second chances to redo photos so you want to make sure that whoever you choose to shoot your wedding will capture the poses you want and knows how to make the best of the available lighting, uses good equipment, etc. It’s also important that he/she is easy to work with, is easy going and doesn’t get frazzled under stress. Be sure you meet who would be doing the actual shooting to make sure you think you could work well with him/her.

You are best off going with a personal recommendation if at all possible, but at least spend time looking at some of the albums they have put together. Do the pictures tell a story? Was he/she able to capture some great smiles? Discuss your budget up front and discuss different packages you might be interested in and make sure that there is enough flexibility for you to be able to get what you want. Make sure that you agree up front on a price and be sure you know what all is included in the final price.

Most photographers who shoot film want to hold onto the negatives so that if you want any reprints, they have control over the cost. This is how they make a lot of their money. These days more and more photographers are using high resolution digital cameras which make life much easier and the cost more affordable. They can take more shots and either upload them to the computer for your viewing or burn them to a CD and you can select from there, which ones you want printed. It is much easier this way as well for touch-ups if you want them. Some photographers even have a flat rate for their time and a certain number of photos, and then it is up to the bride and groom to choose whatever they want and have them printed themselves. So…you can see that there are many options. Some photographers do a combination of both.

You might want to consider requesting that some of the photos be shot in black and white. They give a timeless, formal feel to your collection and can have a very special effect.

Be sure to discuss with the photographer and videographer your views on where they should be situated during the ceremony to record your special event. You will also need to discuss with the officiant as he/she may have rules regarding where they may stand so as to not be a disruption during the ceremony. Be sure that you all are in agreement.

As for choosing your videographer, again, personal recommendation is always the best, but at least be sure you have seen two or three videos that he/she has produced recently to see how they capture the event. How is the quality, the sound? Is it creative in how it was put together? Can you hear everything clearly? If you would like to have interviews of certain people in attendance wishing you well, make sure he is willing to do that and has the special lighting equipment and backdrop necessary for that. He will need a side room to be able to record that. You will need to give him a seating chart of those individuals so he can capture their thoughts about the evening. If you have a theme for your wedding and/or reception, be sure to explain that you want that to be captured in the video. If you have favorite music you would like have played in the background, be sure he is willing and able to dub that in.

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